D*Face Unleashes Happy Never Ending at Corey Helford Gallery

D*Face at the opening of Happy Never Ending at Corey Helford Gallery (Bryan “Birdman” Mier)

D*Face at the opening of Happy Never Ending at Corey Helford Gallery (Bryan “Birdman” Mier)

A new solo show from international street artist D*Face is now open in Los Angeles. The iconic skeletal macabre pop art pieces, like ones you can find in Culver City, are now showcased at the Corey Helford Gallery 1 with his long-awaited solo exhibition Happy Never Ending.

D*Face’s techniques present a mash up of pulp imagery with distorted, beneath-the-surface motifs that uncover the truth under the layers dispersed through our media. With an upside-down chapel hanging from the ceiling over a cemetery of colorful graves, his installation explores the nature of love in a digital and often artificial world. We see what lies beneath the idealized beauty when things don’t go as we would want to present them and this obsession with the saturation of mass consumerism. How can courtship and marriage as it once existed fall away in this new social-networked world?

“For me this work is about the tragedy of losing someone you love. Not just in the physical sense of death but also in the metaphorical way that romance has become such an artificial thing in recent years. Courtship used to be a craft, something careful and considered; marriage was an everlasting bond of trust and commitment. Today though, romance is comparable to a shop bought commodity – instantly attainable at the touch of a button or swipe of a screen. In a constant search for someone or something better, people treat others as if they were mere objects – infinitely attainable and instantly disposable,” shares D*Face on the inspiration of this gallery exhibition.

His reimagining of figures from a time gone with the wind veers on the edge of a modern a-pop-calypse and holds a lot of truths about the nature of how relationships with others and oneself have transformed into a commodity where something real can fail to thrive.

“With this new series of work I wanted to re-kindle the lost romance of a bygone era, back when, even in death, the memory of a loved one could last an eternity, and a marriage went beyond just a symbolic gesture. For the show I want to construct a mini chapel where we can actually hold a real ceremony and a graveyard in which I want people to leave mementos to the people they have lost. If romance is truly dead, then I want to resurrect it for the modern age,” D*Face elaborates. “The influence I’ve taken from pop-masters like Roy Lichtenstein allows my work to give the clearest possible narrative. At the same time, it offers something more, something beyond the surface of the work – a darker side to pop that resonates with society of today.”

Happy Never Ending runs through Oct. 21at Corey Helford Gallery (571. S. Anderson St., Los Angeles). For more information, visit coreyhelfordgallery.com.

Sabina Ibarra is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and entertainment. Follow her on Twitter: @Wicked_Phoenix

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