Peruvian Medium/Seer Maria Luisa Makes Bold Predictions for Next Few Years

Maria Luisa, a Peru-born medium/seer, is now a native of Los Angeles. (Teresa Garza)

Maria Luisa, a Peru-born medium/seer, is now a native of Los Angeles. (Teresa Garza)

Renowned medium/seer Maria Luisa has made grand predictions for the next 2 years: Strong earthquake in California, destructive rainstorms, the Third World War, and an immigration reform.

In an exclusive interview for Living Out Loud, famous medium/seer Maria Luisa talked about the grand events she claims will occur over the next two years. She sees very bleak periods in store for humanity but also positive events that will help curb the ensuing chaos, both social and natural.

Living Out Loud: Are seers born with this gift or is it something they’re born with?
Maria Luisa: Seers are born with the gift. I discovered it when I was 7 years old, and I interact with the dead just like I’m interacting with you.

LOL: When and where was your first prediction?
ML: There was an earthquake in Peru in 1970 in which many people were killed. I described precisely how it was going to happen. And from then on, I began to predict what was going to happen. The fall of Bin Laden, the tsunami in Japan, were both predicted by me. In the city of Yungay, there was destruction throughout. Only the children taking shelter inside a circus survived. There was a rockslide and the city was completely cut off. Volunteers were there to help the victims. I remember a woman who didn’t want to let her husband go to aid in rescue efforts because she said she would never see him again. Sure enough, the helicopter he was flying in plummeted and all aboard were killed.

LOL: How do these images from the future come to you?
ML: I see it as if it were an old Chaplin film, in black and white – that’s how my visions of the future come to me. I experience them while conscious.

LOL: What did your preparation entail in order to develop your gift over the years?
ML: You need to channel the gift. As a child, it’s hard to understand that. You learn when you’re older and it’s explained to you. As I’ve grown older, I’ve taken lessons and prepared extensively. I learned from a priest who also has the same gift as I do. I’ve been taking lessons in Havana, Cuba, and I’m constantly immersed in medicine, as it pertains to death, the mind and parapsychology.

LOL: What requirements must your clients meet in order to have a consultation with you?
ML: For all the people who come to see me, I just have to touch them, visualize them, know their name and date of birth, and it’s the same way for consultations I do over the radio. Nothing else is needed.

LOL: What are the most common reasons people come to see you?
ML: People come for two main reasons. Before they used to come because of love, but now they come because of health and employment. They also come to know about the welfare or whereabouts of missing loved ones. I’ve had the good fortune to be able to find a few people who were lost. It’s all made possible by the archangels who take me to the dead. I work with souls in purgatory.

LOL: What do you do to make people believe in what you do? How do you convince them that this is real?
ML: People who haven’t heard me, who haven’t followed me and who don’t know me will always have that inclination to be skeptical. They only believe me when I tell them what will happen, and it actually happens. I understand why that happens, and so they come in looking for answers and I deliver.

LOL: Out of the cases you have helped resolve in the past, which one has impacted you the most?
ML: I had to aid in the search for a missing girl, and we found her. However, the most important case was a personal one. My child went missing, and I couldn’t find peace. But I knew that he was still alive and eventually, I found him. That was the most significant thing that has happened to me, and I’m sure it would be the same for any mother.

LOL: What tangible tools do you use to do your work?
ML: I use fortune tellers, and a crystal ball as props, but that is just to convince the client. The truth is, I don’t need anything. When you come to see me, all I need to know is the name and date of birth. If I tell you things about yourself that only you know, you would believe me, right? I need to tell you the truth so you believe me, that’s just human nature. But once I do, I will never lose you as a client. I sometimes give recipes as far as energy is concerned, but I’m a metaphysicist. I work with your mind and everything you visualize, so I have no need for tools. Anything I tell you from my connection with the dead comes directly from them. I’m just an aid to the archangels.

LOL: What types of cases can you resolve, and which cases are you not able to resolve?
ML: I can resolve even a cancer. The problem is that people don’t want to resolve their specific case. If something is not resolved, it’s because maybe you yourself put up a wall. If you’re always telling yourself that what you have can’t be resolved, it will never happen. The mind is too strong, but if you come to me and let go, everything will turn out fine. Every person who wants to help themselves can really achieve that with me, but if you come to me with a negative mindset from the very beginning, you will always hold yourself back and nothing will be resolved.

LOL: As a seer, are you constantly struggling between positive and negative energies?
ML: They always come to tempt you, to harass you. I work with 8 more people in Peru, and so I transport myself mentally to them and we get our work done. I sometimes travel physically, but only when it’s too strong. In effect, Lucifer’s presence is always harassing me. I’ve had people who come to me who are possessed, so that’s when the archangels’ power comes to help me. In this life, anything is possible. The only thing you cannot change is death. You cannot change your birth or death date, but everything in between is possible.

LOL: Do you collaborate with the FBI or any law enforcement agency to help in criminal cases?
ML: Yes, I have worked with them, but I am not at liberty to discuss the cases I was involved in due to a confidentiality agreement. I know things that are coming for many celebrities which I cannot reveal. I also recently worked on a missing girl’s case we found, and I would like to talk about that as well, but I am not allowed.

LOL: What are your predictions for the future on a global scale?
ML: A few days ago, I made a prediction that a massive earthquake is approaching. Seismic movements happen all the time, but the strongest one is coming in 2015 or 2016. It will be very strong and will originate in San Francisco. I also predict many storms and landslides. This year, there will be lots of water/earth movement. By comparison, nothing else significant will occur except, as I’ve been saying for year, WWIII in 2015.

2014 will be a very good year for everyone because the cure for AIDS will be discovered. A vaccine will be created in the early months of the year. Unfortunately, a virus more deadly that HIV will be upon us, but will be defended against fiercely. Also, the cure for bone cancer will be found through stem cells, and that’s important because it will lead to the discovery of cures to many other diseases. There will also be a discovery about our blood that will be beneficial for everyone.

But as I’ve said before, I foresee very bad things are coming, like WWIII. I hope I’m wrong. Also that earthquake. But that may be up to us to stop. When I’m in a trance, I can see how strong prayer is. Prayer is very important, no matter what religion you follow. We all pray to the same God and we must be close to him. The war will amongst Asian nations and the U.S. will be involved.

LOL: Will there be a positive outcome to the immigration reform issue?
ML: Three years ago, I said that by the end of this year, it would have a positive outcome. All things indicate that I’m correct. It will be a disguised resolution, but it will happen. 2014 is full of positive occurrences in health and politics. The worst is coming in 2015, so we must do our best to make preparations this coming year.

LOL: What advice can you give all those who’ve lost their faith and are searching for some relief from their problems?
ML: People may think I’m crazy, but we can control pain through the power of the mind. We must focus on the positive energy. If we can use that in our favor, there won’t be room for negative energy. My advice is to always treat each other with honesty, and to try not to speak badly about each other either. It’s all about karma, and we can feel that immediately. Without it, the world would be a very different place.

Ramon Aviles is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and entertainment.

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