Red Bull Mocktails Just For You

Red Bull Purple Edition: Acai Berry

Red Bull Purple Edition: Acai Berry

Most of us drink Red Bull beverages to boost our energy levels from time to time, and they work just fine. RedBullPurplePunchMocktail

However, Red Bull drinks are also an ideal mocktail ingredient.

See below for a couple of sample recipes for two fun and delicious mocktails that you can try with new Red Bull flavors:

Purple Punch:
Muddle 5 mint leaves, 6 blueberries and 3 lemon wheels in a glass.
Add Ice.
4 to 1 Red Bull Purple Edition Sugarfree to fresh lemonade or 8 oz Red Bull to 2 oz fresh lemonade.
Stir with bar spoon.
Garnish with 3 speared blueberries, lemon wheel, mint sprig. RedBullLimeZingerMocktail

Lime Zinger:
Garnish in a glass – 2 cucumber strips, 3 lime wheels.
Add Ice.
4 to 1 Red Bull Lime Edition Sugarfree to white grape juice or 8 oz Red Bull to 2 oz white grape juice.
Garnish with speared strawberry halves.

Both mocktails are rich in fruits and delicious to consume. You can enjoy and stay energized with these flavorful mocktails on any given day or night. They’re also perfect for home parties you host.

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