Review: “Stomp” is a Thrill for Your Eyes and Ears

"Stomp" cast with brooms. (Junichi Takahashi)

"Stomp" cast with brooms. (Junichi Takahashi)

Now through December 29th, “Stomp” is pounding it’s loud footprint at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.

Created in London in 1991, by Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas, “Stomp” crossed the pond and landed permanently in New York city in 1994. After winning awards and garnering tons of press, the show’s been touring the country letting everyone else join the ride. Using everything from brooms, matchbooks, trash bins, and newspapers, the cast finds fascinating ways to create rhythm.

This is such an exciting show to see. It’s an auditory and visual experience that delights your senses. With a cast of only nine members, they manage to make such noise that you swear you are seeing an orchestra. When the show begins with one single cast-mate sweeping the stage with a broom, one almost wonders if he is still setting up the stage. Slowly more members begin to join him putting in opposing beats with their brooms and an explosion of sound jumps out at the audience.

“Stomp” is a one of a kind show, and all those performing in it manage to make everyday things rhythmic and soulful. Different size rubber padding, sand, and even shopping carts are magically used to make music in unison. Audience participation is also encouraged.

There is no talking during the show from cast members; however, they do grunt and make funny expressions. The cast uses their bodies as instruments as well with their hands and feet. The tension and adrenaline build when watching them twirl around each other with bamboo sticks and hit at the right time hoping no one misses a beat.

It’s literally an explosion of sound in your ears at one point when they use trash can lids and swirl, jump and bang the floor. Yet, it’s enticing and can’t seem to look away. Plastic bags, soup ladle’s, old sinks, paint cans, plastic tubing, water bottles and inner tubes are also used to make music.

The cast dances around the stage and boom out to the audience, but also drop in tender moments when using subtle objects like a lighter. You never know what will be used next and challenge how they will make it have beat. Never fear, because they will cease to amaze.

This show has managed to live on for this many years because it never gets old. Having experienced “Stomp” two times already, this still felt new and fresh. It’s always invigorating to see and hear all the ways ordinary objects can be transformed. A lid to a disposable soda cup and straw manage to delight.

Run and grab a ticket to see Stomp while you still can and bring your entire family. This show will have you talking for weeks and thinking that you too can be your own mini band when doing dishes in your sink.

Ariel Paredes is a Contributing Writer for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and entertainment. Follow her on Twitter: @RELworld

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