The Smashing Success of the Versus Tour Should Surprise No One

The two sold-out SoCal dates of the Versus Tour were amazing. (Vladimir Lorenzo)

The two sold-out SoCal dates of the Versus Tour were amazing. (Vladimir Lorenzo)

Booking Latin-American shows in Los Angeles is a tricky proposition for music promoters. First off, the city has a long history of shoulder-shrugging when it comes to live events (We have standards, so we need to be wooed.). Second, the competition for your entertainment dollars is as fierce as in any other city in the world. And third, Latin-American acts inherently get a smaller PR push in a city where something is always happening.  

But even when you consider all of that, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Versus Tour, featuring Alejandra Guzman and Gloria Trevi, was a smash hit in Los Angeles. It didn’t matter that both have been in the business since the 1980s because their acts were as fresh as ever. It didn’t matter that the two have controversial pasts because they never built their careers on the premise that they were good girls. 

When it came down to it, the fans came in droves to the two sold-out shows at Staples Center in June and to the Honda Center earlier this month because they wanted to hear Trevi’s “Pelo Suelto” (Loose Hair), “Dr. Psiquiatra” (Dr. Psychiatrist) and “Gloria” from the diva from Monterrey, Mexico. They came because they wanted to rock out to “Mirala Miralo” (Look at Him, Look at Her), “Hey Guera” (Hey Blondie) and “Un Dia de Suerte” (A Day of Good Luck) with the most famous rockera in Mexico. 

The sold-out crowd at each of the three shows thoroughly enjoyed a night of passion, sweat and tears (The two stared at each other’s watery eyes, as they embraced after their Staples Center set.). The adoring fans mirrored the exact passion and excitement offstage as Trevi and Guzman provided onstage. 

That type of emotional response from fans is always great to see, but with these two artists in particular it’s great to see that their fans have stuck with them after all these years due to their checkered history, which itself is worthy of a Mexican telenovela. 

The daring Guzman fans saw at Staples Center was a little more subdued that the one from 2003, when she flashed her breasts onstage at a show at Comerica Theatre in Phoenix. But nevertheless, she was the same wild child she’s always been, with the conspicuous and spectacular outfits to go along with her attitude. Interestingly enough, however, it was “Hacer el Amor Con Otro” (Making Love with Another) that perhaps garnered the best response from fans.

If the “Versus Tour” proved anything, it’s that age doesn’t matter when you’re a rocking diva like these two. As long as you have bring the talent and attitude, people will gladly come see you. And when you see what these two brought to countless concertgoers over the summer, it’s safe to say they’re not going anywhere. 

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